Basic Renting Information

If you are new to renting or living in shared accommodation, you may not be aware of your rights as a tenant, co-tenant, boarder or lodger. Below are some tips for those new to renting and shared housing:

Lease Agreements

  • If you sign a lease agreement, this is a legally binding contract and you will be liable for the duration stated on the contract
  • Choose your accommodation carefully! There are only a few ways you can get out of your lease but they can be difficult and only in extreme circumstances - for more information contact Housing Services.


  • No bond lodged? Don't go there! Only choose accommodation that will have the bond lodged with NSW Fair Trading. This is a legal requirement and guarantees you getting back your bond at the end of your lease (as long as you have kept the place clean and haven't damaged or broken anything!). Not sure if you will get your bond back? Have a look here.
  • Bond can only be four weeks rent - nothing more but possibly less, depending on the landlord.
  • Make sure you get a receipt for any bond money taken - or at least the lodgement number.
  • Not sure if your bond has been lodged? Check with NSW Fair Trading!
  • You can apply for your bond back at the end of your lease before your landlord/owner does! Visit the NSW Fair Trading website for more information.


  • Not sure which utilities are included in your rent? Check out the Utilities Fact Sheet! If you are being charged for water usage, check if this is legal as in the majority of circumstances you may not be required to pay this utility.
  • You should never be asked to pay a 'bond' for utilities. This is not required and is not legal practice in Australia. Anyone asking you to pay this is doing so illegally and should be reported to Housing Services and NSW Fair Trading.