Terms and conditions for students

Disclaimer for students


Your Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to review the accommodation provider, the property, the facilities and the conditions on which the property is offered. You are therefore strongly urged to visit the property, if it is possible, prior to entering into any agreement with the accommodation provider.

Any agreement with the accommodation provider should include a condition report completed and signed by both yourself and the accommodation provider. We strongly recommend taking photos of the property before you move in to cover yourself for any damage that may be present at the start of your lease.

No Accommodation Inspected

The University will not be screening or inspecting any accommodation providers and the facilities they offer. Accommodation will still be listed with the University without being inspected.

No Liability of the University

The University does not claim responsibility for the accuracy or veracity of information provided by an accommodation provider.

The University does not accept any liability for any loss or damage that you might suffer due to any unsatisfactory accommodation arrangements made by you. Nor will the University pay you for any loss or damage suffered.

New Tenant Checklist

The University strongly advises that you read the New Tenant Checklist before meeting the vendor.

Your Arrangements and Seeking Legal Advice

Any negotiations entered into are at the discretion of yourself and the accommodation provider. The arrangements made by you are entirely at your own risk. Please take care when making those arrangements. The University recommends that you enter into a formal lease agreement with the accommodation provider and obtain your own legal advice. The Student Legal Clinic offers free confidential legal advice to students of the University. Information on making appointments can be found at http://www.uow.edu.au/student/legalclinic/index.html.


Personal Information that has been collected about you as part of this process will be dealt with in accordance with the University’s Privacy Policy.

By signing up to use the StudyStays software, you consent to the University collecting, using or disclosing your personal information for activities which are related to the activities of Accommodation Services at the University. You understand that this includes providing your personal information to StudyStays Pty Ltd in order for the software to effectively operate. StudyStays Pty Ltd will protect your personal information and will only use it in compliance with the relevant privacy laws.


You confirm that you are the owner of, or have permission to use, any information, including text, graphics, photos, designs and trademarks, you provide to the University and StudyStays through the software. You grant UOW permission to use the information provided for the purposes of Accommodation Services including utilising the software.


  • Do not sign any contracts for accommodation without first inspecting the property.
  • Do not ask friends to secure accommodation before you arrive.
  • Do not pay deposits or send money before physically sighting a property.
  • Do not pay money to someone you don't know.

For assistance please contact us : housing-services@uow.edu.au or call +61 2 42394623