Terms and conditions for providers


Disclaimer & Provider Responsibilities


Absolute Discretion of the University

The University reserves the right to accept or reject advertisements in its absolute discretion.

The University may at any time, without liability to you, remove, alter or disable access to any or all of your advertisements in its sole discretion without prior notice to you.

Recommendations by the University

An advertisement listing carries no statement of endorsement by the University.

No Liability of the University

The University accepts no responsibility or liability for the behaviour or correspondence of persons who respond to your advertisement.

The University makes no guarantee that you will find tenants as a result of using the UOW Accommodation Services Property Listing Service to advertise your vacancy.

The University can in no way guarantee the suitability of tenants found through the UOW Accommodation Services Property Listing Service and will accept no liability or responsibility for any such tenants, including any failure of the tenants to pay a bond or rent.

The University may provide a copy of the advertisement to students or staff to assist them in taking any action against an accommodation provider where there is a dispute between the two parties.

Provider’s Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to provide accurate and current information when submitting an advertisement through the UOW Accommodation Services Property Listing Service.

You are responsible for the management of correspondence and dealings with persons who respond to your advertisement. It is expected that you will deal with persons seeking accommodation in accordance to the relevant conditions under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (NSW) and other relevant State legislation pertaining to accommodation standards, rental agreements and bond.

Listing Rules

The following rules must be complied with before a property is approved for listing by the University:

  • All information must be accurate and current.
  • Listings must have the street and (if applicable) unit number.
  • Photographs must be recent photographs of the actual property.
  • Properties advertised as unfurnished but showing furnished photographs will either not be approved or have the photographs removed, as this can be construed as false advertising.
  • No more than four weeks rent for bond should be charged and at no time should there be a 'bond' charged for utilities.

Additional rules for properties with five or more bedrooms:

  • The property must not be listed if the accommodation provider is not complying with all applicable requirements contained in the Boarding Houses Act 2012 (NSW), including:
  • providing a written occupancy agreement;
  • ensuring the property is reasonably clean, in a reasonable state of repair and reasonably secure;
  • informing occupants of the house rules;
  • allowing occupants to have quiet enjoyment of the property;
  • providing receipts for any payments you receive; and
  • advising occupants of what utilities they are required to pay and how charges will be calculated.

For more information on your responsibilities if you are providing accommodation for more than five paying occupants, please see Fair Trading by clicking HERE


Personal Information that has been collected about you as part of this process will be dealt with in accordance with the University’s Privacy Policy.

By signing up to use the Study Stays website, you consent to the University collecting, using or disclosing your personal information for activities which are related to the activities of Accommodation Services at the University. You understand that this includes providing your personal information to Study Stays Pty Ltd in order for the software to effectively operate. Study Stays Pty Ltd will protect your personal information and will only use it in compliance with the relevant privacy laws.


You confirm that you are the owner of, or have permission to use, any information, including text, graphics, photos, designs and trademarks, you provide to the University and Study Stays through the software. You grant UOW permission to use the information provided for the purposes of Accommodation Services including utilising the software.

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